Thursday, December 6, 2012


Here we go!  Who is ready for some little lessons for their little ones?! Each month the books, crafts, and activities will center around one theme. Here are the themes I have chosen for this year.  

January 2013 - Colors
February 2013 - Letters
March 2013 - Spring
April 2013 - Shapes
May 2013 - Numbers
June 2013 - Summer
July 2013 - Senses
August 2013 - Books/Songs
September 2013 - Fall
October 2013 - Farm
November 2012 - Thanksgiving
December 2013 - Christmas

There will be 4-5 little lessons for each theme.  I will post the books and supply list ahead of time so you have time to get the books from the library and any other supplies you may need.  My goal is to make the supplies simple stuff so you hopefully won't need to go out and buy anything.  I will post the lesson for the week every Monday morning. The lessons are written for preschoolers.  I will be showing how to adapt them down to infants (my daughter is only 8 months old) and the extension activities should be able to work for kids up to Kindergarten. 

Up first....Colors!


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