Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes: Recap

This week we read the book Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin and completed the lesson plan I posted Monday.  This week I let the author do the reading and singing.  I saw on the cover of the book that there is a free download of the book online.  You can get to the free song and other free downloads from Harper Collins here.  

I also found a live telling of the book by the author and illustrator on youtube.  You can view the video here.  My daughter LOVED LOVED LOVED this live telling.  Seriously.  We have watched it at least five times a day this week.  It has been the highlight of the week.  Especially since we think she may be teething and has been super fussy.  Pete the Cat has been the fussy teething baby solution for us this week.  Below is a short video of her dancing along to "Mr. Eric" read the story.  

Onto the lesson.  I cut out of posterboard some white shoes and set them up with the do-a-dots on this little table that we got our daughter for Christmas from Ikea.

I enlisted my husband to help out by taking pictures of us.  I tried to do hand-over-hand which she wanted NO part of.  She just wanted to be a big girl and do it herself.  So I took a do-a-dot and so did she and we tried to decorate our white shoes.

She did a good job of hitting the shoe with the wrong end of the do-a-dot.
Hey at least she kinda understood what we were doing!
I think she got more on her hands then on her paper.
See that ONE BLUE DOT?  Yep she did it!  Yay!  Everything else was Mommy :)
Overall this week the all star was the video.  The more we watched it the more she understood the flow of the story.  I know I know she is only 10 months old (today actually!) but I swear she has started anticipating the song portion.  That is what is so great about repetitive books.  It helps children feel successful with the story whether it is being able to help "read" it because they remember the words or whether the rhythm of the story is familiar like with my daughter.  We will totally be reading more Pete the Cat books in the future.

How did it go for ya'll?  Anyone else discover the website?  Anyone else have a kid with amazing dance moves.  I don't know about you but watching her dance is one of my favorite things these days!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

February 2013: Farm

The February 2013 Theme is FARM!  
Here are the books we are going to read this month.

You should be able to get most of these from your local library.  If you can't find one of them just substitute in another farm book.  At the end of the post are some other suggestions

February Supply List
  • Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton
    • book
    • container
    • A farm puzzle OR farm figurines OR 2 sets of photos or clipart pictures of farm animals (comment on this post if you would like a copy of mine!) 
    • your choice of sensory materials
      • hay
      • unpopped popcorn
      • beans
  • Touch and Feel Farm by DK Books
    • book
    • feathers
    • any color paper
  • Who's in the Farmyard by Phillis Gershator
    • book
    • A farm puzzle OR farm figurines OR 1 set of photos or clipart pictures of farm animals (comment on this post if you would like a copy of mine!) 
    • a box or container
  • The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
    • book
    • black or white construction paper
    • liquid glue
    • salt
    • food coloring
    • water
    • eye dropper(s)
    • cookie sheet
Other Farm Books

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pete the Cat - I Love My White Shoes: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Colors

ReadPete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin and James Dean

Craft:  Cut out shoe prints from white poster board. Have your kids decorate the shoes using do-a-dots.  If you feel adventurous you could punch holes in the shoes to make the shoes seem as if they have lace holes and your child can lace up the shoes with string or real shoe laces.  Remember to let the painted shoes dry before starting any lacing!
Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set (Set of 6)

  • Book
  • Do-a-dots (or some other art medium)
  • White construction paper, poster board, or cardboard 
  • Make multiple footprints.  After they have dried lay them on the floor and jump from one to the next.
  • Count how many dots there are of each color on each shoe.
  • Make a graph for the number of dot colors there are on each shoe.
Not trying to reinvent the wheel here.  The Pete the Cat art activity was inspired by Teach Preschool

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freight Train: Recap

So this week we read the book Freight Train by Donald Crews and completed the lesson plan that I posted on Monday.  Overall it went really well.  I don't have any photos of Caroline and I reading the book.  It is kinda pointless to try to photograph her with the book because she just crawls away.  Anyway, we've read it at least once a day all week.  Repetition is soooo important for little ones.  Albeit extremely boring for adults.  We had fun patting each of the different colors.  We are working on patting pictures instead of trying to rip them out of the book :)  

Onto the activity.  If she was a bit older she could have helped me cover the box in paper or even paint it.  I  tried to see if she would be interested in it by ripping up the paper that I planned on using to cover the box but she didn't seem interested so here is what I ended up with.  I later added black circles for wheels which you will see in the pictures below.  I hope someone with an older child was able to make this into a fun project! 

If she was older I would have covered three different boxes in paper.  One red, one blue, and one yellow.  But because she is only  9.5 months old it didn't matter.  I made her a few bean bags for Christmas so I pulled those out to help us fill up the train car.  We ended up loading up the train car with all sorts of toys.  My goal for her was to work on putting in and taking out.  It is what is most developmentally appropriate for her right now.  I narrated what she was doing and made sure to say the colors since we are focusing on color this month.  

She did a great job putting in!
Examining her handy work.  
 If you child is a bit older you can have them name the colors or objects as they toss them into the box.  Or you can have them go around the house finding blue things to put in the blue box, red things to put in the red box, and yellow things to put in the yellow box. 

The play continued the next day!

Next we did one of my lesson extensions from the lesson plan.  We pretended that the train car was a real train.  I pushed her around the playroom and made train noises (chugga-chugga chugga-chugga choo choo!) and naming things as we passed them.  If she was older I would have tried to encourage her imagination and ask her what she saw.  I would prompt her by saying things like "Wow look at the ocean over there!  Do you see that forest?  Hmmm I wonder what animals live there?"  Things like that.  We aren't there yet so I did LOTS of labeling.  So our conversation was one sided and was things look, "Look at the blue elephant (and patted the blue elephant).  Look at the giant purple ball (my yoga ball)."  She looked at each thing as I patted it so hopefully she is starting to connect words with objects in her mind.  She loved me making the train noises and was smiling from ear to ear as we went around.  I've left the fort up that we made a few weeks ago which you can read about here if you missed it the first time.  So the fort became a really cool tunnel for our train to go through.  

Mommy why did you put me in a box?

We even read the book while in the train!
 Our dog was super interested in what we were doing so he joined in on the fun!  

Look Mommy I'm helping!

This is tough work!
I also tried to get her to push the train around herself and put things in it.  The pushing was a bit difficult but she did a great job of putting things in!  

Did anyone else have a great train ride?  Any super creative train cars out there?  What did you load your trains up with?  Foam letters are all the rage in our house right now.  


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freight Train: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Colors

ReadFreight Train by Donald Crews

ActivityBeanBag toss—Get a basket and some different colored socks, balls, bean bags or all of the above.  Have your child toss the different colored items into the basket.  Your child can yell out the color of the item as they toss it.  You can also let your child tell you which color to pick up and toss into the basket.  Mess up a couple of times so they can correct you.  Another way you do this activity is by having multiple baskets.  Or I suggest boxes that you can tape or glue construction paper onto.  Each box can be a different 'train car'.  Attach red paper to one box, yellow to another, and blue to the last (If you have time you can decorate the boxes to look like train cars!).  Now they have to match the items with their boxes.  Red items have to be thrown in the red train car, blue items in the blue train car, and yellow items in the yellow train car.   

  • Book
  • BeanBags—could substitute different colored socks
  • Bucketor basket.  Heck even an empty diaper boxworks!
  • Count how many you have of each color beanbag
  • Make green, purple, and orange 'train cars'.  Give the kidsyellow, blue, and red bean bags.  Theyhave to throw the correct colors that mix to make the construction papercolor.  For example they need to throwthe blue and the yellow bean bags onto the green train car becauseblue and yellow mix to make green.  
  • Pretend like you are on a train. What do you see as you go on your journey?  Do you go through cities? The country? What color are the trees?  The sky?  Just have fun with it!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mouse Paint: Recap

This week we read the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stohl Walsh.  We also tried a couple of different activities from my lesson plan that I posted on Monday.

We started the week by reading the book.  Here is our first attempt at trying to read the book.

She seemed super interested at first.

Hmmmmm what else is there to play with???
That's my girl, going for the basket of books.
And she is off!
We ended up reading it later that day and she did great!  No pictures of that because she was sitting in my lap cuddling while we read :)  Like the other books this month I mainly just pointed out things in the book.  We counted the mice and and pointed to the colors.  We've read it a couple of times this week and she has been engaged every time!

Next, we set about doing the art activity from the lesson plan.  I really thought she would like this because she likes to fingerpaint.  I decided to add rice and a 3x5 card.  The rice I thought might be fun to push around (that is the stuff in the green shot glass mini cup).  I added the 3x5 card because I wanted to see what it would look like at the end.   
I put blue and red in the bag so she could see the paint mix.  
She tried at first.
I wrote some letters in the paint.  This is a great idea for older children.
She wasn't too into it so I took the tape off so she could squish it in her hands.  

She promptly threw it on the floor.

So I thought hey, maybe she wants to play with it on the floor.  
So I took her out of her highchair and put her and the paint bag on the floor. 
Nope.  Diaper bag is soooooo much more interesting.
She has enjoyed looking out the front door this week so I followed my own advice in the lesson plan and taped it to the front door.  

She played with it some but not a ton.  Boooo.  I really thought she was going to like this!
In the end it ended up on my backdoor and I made a second one.
She has actually crawled up to it a few times this week.  
A bit of advice.  The rice actually made it harder to move the paint around.

As we were reading the story I came up with the idea of walking in paint just like the mice from the story.  I actually updated the extension activities on the original lesson plan with this idea because I thought it was so fun.  I hoped that this would be more of a success because she LOVES to walk now that she can while holding onto our hands.

We did this when my husband was home so I could have photos to post.  If I didn't need the photos for the blog you could totally do this on your own.  He got some great shots so sorry in advance for all the photos.  I'm just a proud Mama and she is too darn cute!

Newspaper and roll of paper from Ikea.
I used painters tape to tape down the ends.
This is Caroline helping.  She started pulling the newspaper out.  What a good helper  :)
I put red, blue, and yellow paint down just like the story.  
Pure glee walking through the paint!

ooops slippery!  Word of warning.  Fingerpaint is slippery to walk through.

Because it was so slippery and my back couldn't walking her around for forever she sat and painted too.  And yes her diaper is blue.  No way am I putting on a clean diaper when I know it is about to get dirty!
Yay fingerpaint!

Mommy and baby painting together.
yuuummmm fingerpaint.

Yep super slippery.

Daddy look at me!
pat pat pat
That paint is really really yummy.

Oops!  Wrong way.

I'm all done Mommy.
(No she didn't actually say that.  She is only 9.5 months old!
But that is how I interpreted that face)
All done and off for a bath!  Luckily it is washable paint because I had it all over my shirt!
The butcher paper activity was a HUGE success if you can't tell.  I tried to learn from the past couple of weeks and go with the flow more.  I feel like I really capitalized on her interests.  She got to walk, crawl, and pat fingerpaint.

I have big plans for her masterpiece.  It will become wrapping paper for an upcoming event I'm going to!  If you have a young baby I HIGHLY encourage fingerpainting.  She fingerpainted for the first time at 4.5 months old.  We've done it about once a month since then and it has been a success almost every time.

How did it go for you?  Was the fingerpaint in a bag successful? Anyone else try some of the extension activities?  Anyone going with the flow and coming up with new activities?