Monday, January 7, 2013

Color Dance: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Colors

ReadColorDance by Ann Jonas

Activity:  Colorfabric dance—find different colored pieces of fabric.  I'm going to dig through our closets to collect a bunch of different colored shirts.  Next, pick your favorite song (or songs) and dance around waving the pieces of fabric in the air.  If your child is able to, shout out specific colors for your child to pick up.  Or you can have your child wave them high, low, left, right, fast, slow, on your head, make it a tail, etc.  Just have fun with it!  What a great and simple activity to do day after day.

  • Book
  • Differentcolored fabric, scarves, shirts, whatever you have around your house!
  • Music
  • Sort the fabric you just danced with by color
  • Discuss how some colors have light and darkerversions (example lavender, purple, and eggplant or light, medium, dark)
  • Let your child pick a color for everyone in the house to wear on the same day

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