Sunday, January 20, 2013

Freight Train: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Colors

ReadFreight Train by Donald Crews

ActivityBeanBag toss—Get a basket and some different colored socks, balls, bean bags or all of the above.  Have your child toss the different colored items into the basket.  Your child can yell out the color of the item as they toss it.  You can also let your child tell you which color to pick up and toss into the basket.  Mess up a couple of times so they can correct you.  Another way you do this activity is by having multiple baskets.  Or I suggest boxes that you can tape or glue construction paper onto.  Each box can be a different 'train car'.  Attach red paper to one box, yellow to another, and blue to the last (If you have time you can decorate the boxes to look like train cars!).  Now they have to match the items with their boxes.  Red items have to be thrown in the red train car, blue items in the blue train car, and yellow items in the yellow train car.   

  • Book
  • BeanBags—could substitute different colored socks
  • Bucketor basket.  Heck even an empty diaper boxworks!
  • Count how many you have of each color beanbag
  • Make green, purple, and orange 'train cars'.  Give the kidsyellow, blue, and red bean bags.  Theyhave to throw the correct colors that mix to make the construction papercolor.  For example they need to throwthe blue and the yellow bean bags onto the green train car becauseblue and yellow mix to make green.  
  • Pretend like you are on a train. What do you see as you go on your journey?  Do you go through cities? The country? What color are the trees?  The sky?  Just have fun with it!

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