Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes: Recap

This week we read the book Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin and completed the lesson plan I posted Monday.  This week I let the author do the reading and singing.  I saw on the cover of the book that there is a free download of the book online.  You can get to the free song and other free downloads from Harper Collins here.  

I also found a live telling of the book by the author and illustrator on youtube.  You can view the video here.  My daughter LOVED LOVED LOVED this live telling.  Seriously.  We have watched it at least five times a day this week.  It has been the highlight of the week.  Especially since we think she may be teething and has been super fussy.  Pete the Cat has been the fussy teething baby solution for us this week.  Below is a short video of her dancing along to "Mr. Eric" read the story.  

Onto the lesson.  I cut out of posterboard some white shoes and set them up with the do-a-dots on this little table that we got our daughter for Christmas from Ikea.

I enlisted my husband to help out by taking pictures of us.  I tried to do hand-over-hand which she wanted NO part of.  She just wanted to be a big girl and do it herself.  So I took a do-a-dot and so did she and we tried to decorate our white shoes.

She did a good job of hitting the shoe with the wrong end of the do-a-dot.
Hey at least she kinda understood what we were doing!
I think she got more on her hands then on her paper.
See that ONE BLUE DOT?  Yep she did it!  Yay!  Everything else was Mommy :)
Overall this week the all star was the video.  The more we watched it the more she understood the flow of the story.  I know I know she is only 10 months old (today actually!) but I swear she has started anticipating the song portion.  That is what is so great about repetitive books.  It helps children feel successful with the story whether it is being able to help "read" it because they remember the words or whether the rhythm of the story is familiar like with my daughter.  We will totally be reading more Pete the Cat books in the future.

How did it go for ya'll?  Anyone else discover the website?  Anyone else have a kid with amazing dance moves.  I don't know about you but watching her dance is one of my favorite things these days!


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