Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moo Baa La La La: Recap

This week we read the book Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton.  This was not a new book for us but it is a favorite.  If you have an older child a great thing you can talk about with them is some of the silly things in the book like pigs singing and a rhinoceros on a farm.  I, on the other hand, just tried to get my 10 month old daughter to sit through the whole book!

Next we completed the lesson plan I posted on Monday.  To create our sensory tub I collected the following things, a washtub from the Dollar Tree, a Melissa and Doug farm puzzle, popcorn kernels, a variety of scoops and cups, and a plastic tablecloth.  We have done sensory tables before so this was not a new concept for my daughter.  Normally it is just about the sensory material.  This time it was more about the hidden puzzle pieces in the sensory material.

We started by exploring the puzzle.
(She has played with this puzzle before and loves it)

She was really excited when I poured the popcorn kernels into the bin.
They made a really fun sound.
First I let her just play with the popcorn kernels.
Then I added the puzzle pieces and a few farm figurines.  She didn't really care about the figurines.  I loved that the knobs on the puzzle pieces stuck out.  They were little clues for her that there was something cool hiding there.
She loved pulling them out.  As she pulled them out I said something like this:
"Mooooo says the cow.  The cow says mooooo.  Mooo cow moooo."
Her physical therapist suggested saying things three times to help her learn them.  You sound ridiculous but it helps with speech development and I am working on talking with her more.
Just a cute picture.  Gotta let a Momma  have a picture just for the cuteness  :)
She had fun playing and examining the kernels too.
I put the plastic tablecloth down in order to help  with clean-up time later.  I think it worked pretty well.  They were easier to scoop on the tablecloth than on the carpet.
She kept trying to stand and play so...
...I put the bin up on some play chairs.

Soooo much fun!
What did you use in your sensory table?  What extension activites did you do?  We didn't have time this week but I may try to throw some in over the next couple of weeks.  Anyone else love Sandra Boynton books??? I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to dance so we can do a hoe down to her book Barnyard Dance!

Don't forget to check back on Monday for the next lesson plan!


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