Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Very Busy Spider: Recap

So you know when you are having a day hmmm maybe a week.  You are just trying to make it through each day?  That is how I was feeling last night.  On top of that feeling I tried to do the lesson for this week.  Bad idea.  I was not feeling motivated at all.  Maybe it was because I already knew that the activity I planned for this week would be too high for my 11 month old.  Well we did try it.  She had fun playing in the salt so that part was a success.  But the actual art was too high.  I know that especially with this age it is about the process and not the product, the thing is the process was too high.  Squeezing glue, way too high.  Dumping salt, probably could have gone better if I didn't have to take photos while trying to help her.  At least she had fun playing in the salt!  Maybe we will do that again.  We can draw pictures in it.  When she is older we can write letters or draw shapes in salt.  

Here is how the activity went for us...
First I dumped salt on a cookie sheet for her to play with.
She really got into it.
Then she examined it on her hands.
And if it made it onto her hands you KNOW it made it into her mouth.  Yuck! 
I made the glue spiderweb.
Then I gave her a cup of salt.  I modeled putting the salt on the paper.
Good try baby!
Cleaning up usually doesn't bother me but man a big pile of salt seems to get EVERYWHERE!
This was totally all done by me.  Oh well.
I realized as we did the project that I did NOT have food coloring like I thought I did.  So instead I tried mixing finger paint with water (the green stuff) and craft paint with water (the blue stuff).  
Neither really worked.  I think I probably should have checked my own supplies before attempting this project!

Because I felt like the art project was a major flop for us I regrouped and thought about what she COULD do.  So just like I did when we did our Color Dance Lesson I thought about my now 11 month old's abilities.  She can crawl, walk, and is trying to throw.  She loves silly games too.  So I did one of the extension activities that I mentioned in the Lesson Plan .  I created a spider web on the floor with painters tape and then we did two fun activities.  The best part was that she really seemed to enjoy the activities.  SUCCESS!
I used painters tape to make a spider web on the floor. 
I collected some bean bags and other toys that would be easy for her to throw.  
I modeled throwing toys onto the web and said something like , "Let's feed the spider!" I probably should have made a paper spider or printed out a photo or something but I didn't think about that until it was too late.
She threw the cheese (that would be that yellow triangle you see)!
Oh bread how I love thee.
She threw the bread too!
Then she crawled over to her farm puzzle.  I told you last week how she is obsessed with this puzzle!
Look at her bringing the puzzle pieces to the web.  Coincidence?  Probably.   But a Mama can dream that she wanted to keep the game going right?
Next we played a game where I pretended to be a spider and she was the bug I was catching.  I turned on the video camera for this!  I loved how she started to anticipate what I was going to do.  Great cause and effect learning going on.  The video is over a minute long because she crawled right up to the camera part way through and I thought I would share that too.  

We had sooooo much fun playing this game.  The spider web will definitely be staying out for a few days.  Then it should be fun to pull up together!  Great fine motor skill actually.

We read the book earlier this week and she really seemed to like that too.  We had fun feeling the spiderweb on each page.  She loves books and especially turning the pages.  If she was older we could have acted out what each of the animals wanted the spider to do with them.  I probably would have also discussed with her how the spider was kinda rude.  Friends kept wanting to play and the spider never responded.  A simple "No thank you" would have sufficed!

How did it go for y'all?  Anyone else feel like the art activity flopped for them?  I'm interested to know how it went for those of you with older kids.  Anyone try the extension activities?  I think researching spiders could have been really fun.  Man you could do so much with that!  Make a mobile of facts, make a book of facts, learn about poisonous versus nonpoisonous spiders.  The ideas go on and on!


ps.  If you missed the post last Friday our theme for March is SPRING!  Check out the supply list HERE.  The Spring theme starts next week!  

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