Monday, February 11, 2013

Touch and Feel Farm: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Farm

Read:  Touch and Feel Farm  by DK Books

Craft: Paint with feathers - Pick up some feathers at the local craft store or Dollar Tree.  Instead of painting with paintbrushes paint with feathers! You can even glue the feathers down on the paper later.  You can paint on just a plain piece of paper or on a picture of a chick, hen, rooster, or duck.  

  • book
  • feathers
  • any color paper
  • Brainstorm with your child other things that remind them of farm animals.  Cotton balls are like wool, chocolate pudding is like mud that pigs roll around in.  Try creating beautiful art creations with the things you brainstorm.  Decorate a picture of a sheep with cotton balls.  Print out a picture of a pig and put him in the mud by using brown paint or chocolate pudding to decorate him.  You can even add some real dirt!  Or if you want to keep it edible, add in crushed up oreos.
  • Paint with other things you find around the house.  Roll marbles around on paint and paper, roll cars through paint, roll a toiletpaper tube, use a celery stalk---the possibilities are endless! 

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