Monday, February 18, 2013

Who's In the Farmyard: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Farm

Read:  Who's in the Farmyard by Phillis Gershator

Activity: Farm Animal Scavenger Hunt - Hide your photos, puzzle pieces, figures whatever you may have around the house or just a room.  If it is nice out take it outside!  Tell your child that you are a farmer who has lost all their livestock and you need their help to find them! If they are older, give them clues about what animal you are looking for like, "I'm looking for the animal that gives us milk." If they are a little younger you can give them clues like, "I'm looking for the animal that says moo."  Or you can say something like, "I'm looking for the cow."  Base your wording on their ability.  For my 10 month old I'm just hoping she picks them up and hands them to me.  I'm going to tell her the name of the animal and sound as she picks them up.  

  • book
  • A farm puzzle OR farm figurines OR 1 set of photos or clipart pictures of farm animals (comment on this post if you would like a copy of mine!) 
  • a box or container
  • Have your child hide the animals and you have to go look for them!  If they are able to, have them tell you clues as to which animal they want you to find.
  • Play charades!  Have your child act out a farm animal and you have to guess the animal.  Don't forget to take your turn too!  You know you want to crawl around flap your wings and yell cock-a-doodle-doo!  

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