Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who's in the Farmyard?: Recap

This week's book and lesson plan were really successful in our household!  It is amazing how much more my 10.5 month old can do each week!  

We read the book Who's in the Farmyard by Phillis Gershator multiple times every day.  My daughter wanted to read it over and over again.  She loved how you could look through the hole on the page at the next animal.  I also think she loved the repetition in the text.  Part of the reason I chose this book was because of the repetition in the book.  I also liked how new vocabulary words were introduced.  While she is too young for it, if you have an older child this book presents an excellent way to talk about baby animals, their parents, and the different ways we describe them.  For example adult goats are called goats and baby goats are called kids.  

I also love the illustrations in this book.  The illustrator Jill McDonald creates bright, colorful, and detailed illustrations.  My daughter loved to look at the pictures.  As she looked I pointed at the main animal and said their name and sound.  If she was older I would have played eye spy with her and ask her to find certain things in the illustrations.  Then I would have her tell me what to find. I also would have counted the animals with her.  Now I wouldn't have done this every time but since she wanted to read the book so many times I would have done it different ways each time.  I would also remember to just read it sometimes and not ask her questions.  

You will see another book done by this author/illustrator combo next month!

That is her excited face these days.  Kind of a cross between a smile and a snarl .  
Look at my big girl turning the pages!  I had to help a little by lifting up the page a little but she would grab it and turn it the rest of the way.
Pat pat pat the pig.
We have been working on patting things instead of ripping at them.  She has even started saying pat pat pat!
We started working on this because she liked to pet the dog a little too hard and she liked to try and rip pop up books apart.  This has worked really well!  I'm so proud of her.

For the lesson this week I had to think about her attention span.  If I tried to do it where there were other things to play with it would have been a total failure.  So I used the hallway upstairs that has nothing in it.  I spread out the puzzle pieces and then said "Oh No!  I need to get all the animals back!"  If you had an older child you could really play this up.  She was really excited when she saw the puzzle (she loves that thing! She seeks it out every day.).  It is the same one we used in our sensory activity that we did with the book Moo, Baa, La, La La! a few weeks ago (Lesson Plan / Recap).  She went right after the puzzle pieces.

I had put one really close and she found it right away.  I did this so she might understand what we were doing and so she would feel successful. 
I made sure to praise her a lot and encouraged her to put the puzzle piece on the puzzle board.
Look how proud she is over herself!
Off for more puzzle pieces!
Every time she picked up a puzzle piece I said the name of the animal and its sound.  

She actually brought them back!!!!  I really didn't know if she would but I kept encouraging her and playing with the piece she had already brought back.  I also modeled it by finding a piece myself and bringing it and putting it on the board.

SUCCESS! She put them on the board!

Look who wanted to share with Mommy :)
Don't mind the blueberries on her face and pj's.  I forgot to clean her up after breakfast/she was in a good mood and we had time to do the activity so I took advantage of her good mood.
If you have an older child you could have them go find specific animals like I mentioned in the lesson plan.  You could also say a sound and have them find the corresponding animal.  If you really want to challenge them or have an older child, remember how the book mentioned the names of baby animals versus adult animals?  You could ask them to find the animal that's babies are called piglets, kids, lambs, etc.

Well we had a really great week aside from her still being sick and now Mommy being sick.  How did it go for you?  Did anyone else love the illustrations and repetition in the book? Do you have a particular puzzle or toy your child is obsessed with right now?  Anyone else leaving blueberries all over your kid's face?

I will be posting the March Supply List tomorrow so be sure to check back so you can be ready! 

Check back Monday for our last Farm/February lesson.



  1. Doing the lesson in the hallway was a fantastic idea! Isn't it neat to see how much Caroline loves toread and learn? I can't wait until Alison is interested in reading/ looking at the pictures more than eating the book itself, hehe.

    1. Thanks Jessica! I don't think she would have been able to focus on the activity if we hadn't done it in the hall.

      We've looked at books with Caroline since she was born. At 3 months old she was already turning the pages. It is so cute how she goes over to her books and pulls them out and "reads" them. However, even at almost 11 months old she still trys to eat them too :)

  2. I just started these today and happen to have Old MacDonald illustrated by Wendy Straw. It was perfect! I watch another child (20 months)along with my two once a week and I struggle to keep them engaged. We colored a picture of a farm, read the story, sang, watched a youtube video of the song. Then searched for animal pictures I printed and laminated. I have a thermal laminator and it was awesome for this. After snack they will get animal face masks and we will pretend to be animals! If that doesn't wear them out, I don't know what will :)

    1. I'm glad it went so well for you. I will be surprised if they aren't worn out by early afternoon! We have sung Old McDonald and watched youtube videos this month on farm animals too. It's amazing how once you get started the ideas just start flowing!