Sunday, March 31, 2013

A to Z: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Alphabet

Read:  A to Z by Sandra Boynton

Activity:  Depending on your child's age write all the letters, just a couple, or just the ones from their name on your sidewalk or on a chalkboard.  If they are working on writing have them write the letters.  If they are younger you can write the letters in order.  If they are older, mix them all up! Next, give them a cup of water, spray bottle, paintbrush, or sponge.  Yell out a letter and they have to go find the letter.  If they have a spray bottle they can spray it.  If they are working on writing their letters they can trace it with a paintbrush or sponge. Or they can "clean it up" with the sponge.  If your child is older, don't just go in order as you say letters for them to find.  For a very young child (like my daughter) give them a sponge or paintbrush and say the letters as they approach them, step on them, or "paint" them.  You are just looking to expose them to letters not expect them to understand them at age one.  


  • book
  • chalkboard or sidewalk chalk
  • cup of water
  • paintbrush or sponge or spray bottle


  • Check out this blog post by One Perfect Day which inspired this lesson (found on Pinterest and pinned on my Alphabet board)
  • You can also have them find uppercase versus lower case letters.  
  • If you have an older child have them spell sight words.  Here is a link to some Pre-K sight words.  This website has sight words for older grades as well.
  • Another activity you can do is to ask your child questions like, "What letter does the word cat start with? What letter does the word cat end with? What letter makes the ___ sound? " Then have them find the answer.  
  • If it is rainy out and you don't have an indoor chalkboard, try this letter matching activity by The Activity Mom. I love activities that use recycled materials!

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