Friday, March 1, 2013

Farm Recap

The theme for this past month was farm.  Here is a recap of all the books we read and things we did!

First we got all of our supplies together by following the supply list.

During week one we read Moo, Baa, La La La!  by Sandra Boynton.  We played with our farm themed sensory table that consisted of popcorn kernels, a farm puzzle, and some scoops and cups.  We had tons of fun finding the puzzle pieces in the popcorn kernels.  As my daughter found each one I told her the name of the animal and the sound it makes.  (Lesson/Recap

In week two we read Touch and Feel Farm by DK Books.  We examined feathers and then painted with them.  We turned clean-up time into playtime and later we used the leftover feathers to create a different sensory bin.  (Lesson/Recap)

Week three we read Who's in the Farmyard by Phillis Gershator.  This book has become one of my daughter's favorites.  After reading the book she helped collect all the lost farm animals.  BONUS:  Last week I babysat for one of my friends' two and three year olds and we completed one of the extension activities I mentioned in the lesson plan.  We played farm animal charades.  Well kinda charades.  More like I said an animal name and we all pretended to be that animal.  We had tons of fun!  (Lesson/Recap)

Week four we read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.  We had a little trouble with the art activity but bounced back when we completed the extension activities.  I even posted a video of us playing a game!  (Lesson/Recap)

Playing in salt before attempting the art activity.
Totally all done by me but looks cool right?  If you have an older child they should have been able to do this activity.
Throwing food onto the spiderweb for the spider.  
BONUS:  We went to a farm at a local park this month! The only animals they had out were the sheep but there was a new baby lamb!  We had tons of fun on our outing!

We also started a Facebook page that you can "Like"!  

I don't know about y'all but I am ready for our Spring theme next month.  I'm done with this cold and yucky weather and ready for some sunshine and blooming flowers.  Plus my daughter turns one on March 31st!  Check back next week as we start our Spring theme!



  1. I am also so ready for Spring!!

    When did you start your sensory bins for Caroline? I want to start or at least get some supplies together over the next few weeks but was curious when you started. I can't wait to do some of these lessons with Alison!!

    1. Great question! We did her first one at around 7 months old. It was a mix of different types of uncooked pasta. Since then we have also done water, beans, unpopped popcorn, and rice. I will work on a post about starting sensory bins. Thank you for the question!