Monday, March 18, 2013

Planting a Rainbow: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Spring

Read:  Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Activity:  Take a trip to the local garden store or big box store or dollar store.  Try to find all the things discussed in book--seeds, saplings, bulbs, etc.   There are all kinds of flowers listed in this book. Can you find some of them so you can see them in real life?   Compare the real thing with Lois Ehlert's version.  You can take photos or draw pictures of your adventure.  Compare your drawings with Lois Ehlert's version.  What are your favorite flowers?  What are your least favorite?  Point out all the colors you see.  This lesson is about the experience.  It is about spending time with your child and helping them to learn about the world around them. Have fun on your adventure together!

  • book
  • optional about $20
  • Buy a plant and watch it grow all spring long
  • Keep a journal of how a plant grows.   You could do this with a brand new plant or just a tree in your yard. Draw pictures, take photos, take measurements, write what you see, label the parts of a plant, etc.  If your child can't write you can write down what they tell you they see.  
  • Conduct an experiment!  What do seeds grow in best: soil, sand, rocks, mulch, etc? Keep a journal similar to the journal above.  
  • Buy some flowers for a friend or family member just because.  


  1. Ah! Planting a rainbow! One of our favorites, huh? Cute lesson idea!!!

    1. I thought of you and all the other museum ladies as I wrote this lesson :) This would be a great lesson for you to do with A!

  2. We sort of did something similar over the weekend when we went to Lewis Ginter! It was a magical day :) I am going to start trying lessons next month, I can tell she's just about ready (we can actually get through some books now!!)