Sunday, March 24, 2013

Split! Splat! : Lesson Plan

Theme:  Spring

Read:  Split! Splat! by Amy Gibson

Activity: As you read this book you will be making the sounds of rain.  After you read it it is your turn to make your own rain sounds.  Collect objects from around the house that can make the sounds of rain.  Google rain sounds if you need some inspiration.  Tap your fingers on the window, on a pot, on the table.  What sounds the most like rain? Did you hear that?! I heard thunder!  Oh wait, that was you banging the spoon on the pot.  Have fun making lots of noise.  Make a loud rain storm, a soft and quiet storm. Have fun with it and don't be scared of making some noise.  

  • book
  • pots
  • pans
  • spoons
  • fingers
  • windows
  • anything that can make sounds that remind you of rain
  • The next time it rains, take a few quiet moments together to listen to the rain come down.  
  • Go dance in the rain! Sometimes a nice, soft, Spring rain can be very relaxing.  Stand in the garage or the doorway and listen to the rain.  Just take it in and relax.  Then if the mood strikes you and it's not coming down too hard, go dance in the rain.  Spin in circles.  Leap.  Just let loose and have fun!
  • If you want it to rain, make your own rain dance.  Wiggle your fingers like the rain, make whooshing sounds with your voice, blow like the wind.  Talk with your child about why rain is important for the earth.
  • Research real rain dances by different cultures.  Why were these so important to the people who performed them? 

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