Friday, March 29, 2013

Split Splat: Recap

When you think of Spring you think of rain NOT snow.  While we have had plenty of precipitation in Virginia this March, it has been in the form of snow not rain.  Oh well.  It is still fun to dream of warm weather and soft Spring rain showers.  

The book this week this week, Split Splat, helps to give words to the noises you and your child hear as you listen to storms.  It is a great stepping stone to discussing what goes on during a storm. It is also a great way to get some energy out and be given the freedom to make some noise! My daughter was already an accomplished kitchen pot band player but this week I introduced her to some new sounds and ways to make sounds.  

We started off by doing what the lesson plan suggested and collected a variety of things that make noise from around the house. We were already in the playroom so I focused on using some of her kitchen toys, an empty formula can, and some egg shakers that I made.  I will explain more below. 

She first went for her salt and pepper shakers.  I grabbed these a few weeks ago from the Dollar Tree for her play kitchen.  I put a few corn kernels in one and some rice in the other.  They make a great sound.  She picked those up right away and made them into maracas. 
Next she grabbed the lid to her pot and started banging it like a cymbal on the pot.  
Maybe this spoon will make a good intrument?  Tasting it will surely help her decide.  Oops...didn't make the cut.  
Then she went for her formula can drum and egg shaker.  Look at the bottom of the post for how to make those.  We are actually making them at her birthday party!
Drum and shaker combined make a cool rain and thunder combo sound.  
She was really into it.
I showed her another way to make a cool sound. Plastic necklaces in her stainless steel pots and pans.  They make a cool tinkling noise.  Oh by the way the necklaces were from a set of four in the party section of Target for less than $1 and the stainless steel pots and pans are from Ikea for $9.99.  The play kitchen in the background is her birthday present that we got from Costco a few months ago for about $140 and we or more importantly she LOVES it. 
Trying to make the cool sound with the necklaces in the pot.

Back to the salt and pepper maracas.   Clearly a favorite.

Here are the drum and egg shaker how to's.  

  • Get an empty formula can or some other type of can with a metal bottom.  
  • Clean out the can
  • Put the lid back on
  • Bang away!
  • Optional---cover can in construction paper and write name on it.
Egg Shaker:
  • Get Easter eggs
  • Collect things to put in egg shakers
    • buttons
    • dry rice
    • beans
    • corn kernels
  • Put a small amount of chosen material into egg
  • Close egg
  • Use tape (I like electrical tape) to secure egg closed
  • Shake Shake Shake!
We had a great little music time Wednesday morning.  How about y'all?  Anyone make up their own rain dance? Any other pan bands going on?


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  1. Can't wait until tomorrow!
    That kitchen looks a-mazing :)
    What great ideas - per usual!