Monday, March 4, 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Spring

Read:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Activity: There are tons of activities online for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Instead of doing one of the many art activities I thought it would be interesting to use the book as a jumping point for discussing food.  Spring is a time when you plant all types of food and this book mentions tons of food.  After reading the book go to the grocery store with the sole purpose of finding food from this book.  Make it an outing.  Try not to make it into an errand/big shopping trip.  Focus on interacting with your child.  Bring the book and pick 5-10 of the items mentioned in the book.  Either at the store or at home, discuss which foods are healthy and which foods are not healthy.  Sort the food into healthy and not healthy groups.  Could some food be both healthy and not healthy?  As you discuss the food, sample it!  

  • book
  • go to store and pick up 5-10 of the items mentioned in the book

  • While you are at the grocery store buy a couple of types of leaves (lettuce) to sample.  This way you can make your stomach ache go away just like the caterpillar in the story! What type of leaf did each of you like the most? 
  • Use the food you bought to inspire works of art!  Put out the food and have your little one try to draw a picture of one or more of the things the caterpillar and now he or she has eaten! If the food you bought allows for it, paint with the food!  Stamp with apples and oranges, roll plums and whole pickles through paint, glue down cupcake holders, use a piece of lettuce as a paintbrush! 
  • Go on a nature walk and look for caterpillars!  What other insects or animals do you see?  Are plants blooming yet?  If you don't see any wildlife, what do you hear? You could take a camera along or a pad of paper and crayons and document what you see.  
  • Plant a butterfly bush or flowers that attract butterflies.  Ask at your local garden center what would be good for your area.  
Check back on Thursday to see how it went for us!



  1. I remembered this really cute VHC sensory bin I saw from the imagination tree. Might be a cute idea too!!

    1. What a cute sensory tub! Thanks for sharing! Hmmm we may have to do that this week :)

      I have a couple of sensory tubs planned for later this month which I'm excited to share and I hope will be fun too!