Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who's in the Garden and Baby Loves Spring: Recap

This week we read two books because I like both so much!  Plus I thought people would like a choice.  My almost one year old LOVES lift the flap books but I know a Kindergartner might not be as into them.  We read both books multiple times this week.  With Baby Loves Spring we counted the number of frogs on the frog page, counted the butterflies on the butterfly page, I wiggled my finger like a worm on the worm page, and smelled the flowers on the last page, etc.  I also pointed out what the baby was wearing and talked about how it must be raining.  With Who's in the Garden? I acted out with my hand how each of the animals moved and used the adjectives that the book uses.  I love how it says things like "hop, hop hopping" because if she was a bit older we could discuss the difference in the words hop and hopping.  I did make sure to use -ing words as I did stuff and as she did stuff to help her hear the vocabulary.  If she was older this would help reinforce their correct usage.  My daughter and I LOVE the illustrations in Who's in the Garden?  We had fun as I pointed out the different animals and plants on the pages.  We even took the books outside and read them outside.  It was great!

The art activity in this week's lesson plan was a little high for her.  However, she was able to do parts of it.  She is just starting to hold a marker so she was able to make a couple of marks on the coffee filters.  I tried to get her to help with the water part but she just wanted to dump water everywhere.  I ended up making some coffee filter art to show y'all how it looks.  I actually did this activity with my friend's son who is 2 just last week and he did great at both the coloring and the water sprinkling!  I will probably try this activity again later this summer with my daughter.  The end results is just so bright and happy and reminds me of spring and summer.
Our supplies:  coffee filter, paper towel, washable markers, bowl of water.
First she played with the markers in our marker can.
That is just an empty formula can that I covered in construction paper!
I modeled how to color and then I gave her the maker.  Look she made dots!
Look at all those squiggles!
I added a bunch more so y'all could see what happens.
The best thing about this is the messier the coloring the better! 
She was really excited about the water.
The plan was to have her sprinkle water with her fingers on the coffee filter.
It was what I got my friend's two year old to do last week.  

But she really wanted to dump it everywhere and I was not ready to deal with that. Thus this struggle ensued. Screaming determined baby versus one-handed-momma because she is trying to document the madness and parent at the same time. 
See how the colors bleed?
I tried drawing spirals.
Then sprayed water.
After a few squirts of water it looked like this.
This is why the paper towel is needed.   
After they dried she had fun playing with my masterpieces. 
She is really into putting things on and taking them off. She is also into putting in and taking out. 

They smell good???
I taped them on the window and used green construction paper to make them look like flowers. The center flower is from when I babysat last week.  
I think they look really pretty!  
I also changed our sensory bin to a spring themed one like I suggested in the Lesson Plan.  I got grass, eggs, seed packets, and a little wind up chick from the Dollar Tree.  We already had a couple of stuffed bunnies.  I put rice in a couple of the eggs and popcorn kernels in a few others to make them musical.  She loves the eggs.  She likes to collect them in a container and then put them back in the bin. She is really into putting in and taking out these days.  She also loves the chick.  I may have to go get a few more chicks.  She walks around the house with him.  The great thing is I can save all this and use it again next year!

I got the grass, eggs, seed packets, and chick from Dollar Tree. The blue bin is an old mushroom container. The bunnies we already had. 

I want to try the dirt sensory tub but she is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth right now because she is teething.  I think I would be battling her the whole time to not eat dirt, or the trowel, or the gloves, etc. So instead of giving myself a headache I'm going to wait a few weeks and try it towards the end of the month.  I mean what kid doesn't want to play in the dirt right?  While we are talking about teething...any advice out there for a baby who isn't sleeping, crazy runny nose, coughing, throwing up, and fever because of teething?  Any advice at all is greatly appreciated.  

How did it go for you?  Any beautiful art masterpieces out there?  Anyone try the extension activities?  My daughter just went up to her sensory table, grabbed a musical egg, and is now walking around the house and shaking it!  It fills me with joy when I see her having fun and learning because of simple small things we are doing.  



  1. Love your blog posts!!! I really need to try some of these activities with Audrey.

    For teething, have you tried a frozen wash cloth or just a wet wash cloth for her to gnaw on? Or, the sassy teether with frozen fruit inside?

    1. Thanks Amy! Let me know how it goes when you try some of the lessons with your daughter. I love hearing how it goes for others.

      I've made her homemade popsicles but I haven't tried the frozen fruit in a sassy teether yet. I will have to try that and wash cloths this week. Thank you for the tip!