Monday, March 11, 2013

Who's in the Garden or Baby Loves Spring: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Spring

Read:  Who's in the Garden? by Phillis Gershator OR  Baby Loves Spring by Karen Katz

There was a choice of books this week because I thought older children might not want to read a book with the word baby in it.  

Craft: Coffee Filter Art -  Cut your coffee filter to look like a spring object.  Flowers, birds, rain drops, and butterflies are just a few examples. Put a couple of paper towels down and then the coffee filter on top of that.  Color the coffee filter with the washable markers.  When your child has covered most of the coffee filter with marker, drop droplets of water on the coffee filter using an eye dropper or your fingers.  Alternately, you could spray it with water.  Watch as the water makes the marker bleed and create a beautiful piece of art! Make sure to have the paper towel underneath because it will bleed off the coffee filter too.  The more water you use the more the color will bleed.  Once you do one, you will want to do tons more! When they are dry you can display them on your window and it will look like stained glass.  You could always color and use water on the coffee filter and after it has dried then cut out your spring shape.  

  • book or books
  • coffee filters
  • washable markers
  • scissors
  • spray bottle or eye dropper or your fingers
  • water
  • paper towels
  • Collect a bunch of spring objects.  Flowers, seed packets, umbrella, boots, Easter eggs, pots, butterflies, stuffed animals like ducks or birds, watering can, etc.  
    • Create a spring sensory bin.  Get fake grass (it's everywhere because it is almost Easter) and the different spring objects.  Dig through the grass to find the different objects.
    • Create a garden sensory bin.  You may want this to be an outside sensory activity.  Fill a bucket with dirt and plant seeds, fake flowers, or just have fun digging away.  Rocks, gardening gloves, pots, fake bugs, etc. are all other great additions to a garden sensory bin.  You can find most of these things at the Dollar Store.  Look at this garden sensory bin I saw on pinterest the other day!
    • Place all the objects together and put a blanket or tablecloth over it.  You are going to use the fabric like a parachute which means you will be lifting it up and letting it float back down.  A plastic tablecloth would work really well because it is so light.  Instruct your child that they have to grab one of the objects out from under the blanket when you lift it up.  If they are too slow the fabric will be on top of them and then they have to put the object back.  They can only get one thing at a time.  When they bring it out they have to say why it reminds them of spring.  Or they can just label what they found.  Alternatively you can have them look for something specific.  Tell them to find the umbrella.  Or make it harder and ask them to find something that protects them from the rain.  Have them explain how it protects them after they pull it out.  Come up with your own variation.  Or have your child lift up the fabric while you get something from underneath.  

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