Monday, April 8, 2013

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Letters
Read:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.
Activity:  Time to create an alphabet sensory tub!  Get your sensory tub, some sensory materials (like beans, rice, corn kernels, dry pasta, etc.), and your letters.  Letter magnets, foam letters, letter puzzles, or simply writing all the letters of the alphabet on individual pieces of paper would work.  Hide all the letters in the sensory tub and have your child find the letters.  As they find each letter either have them say the letter name and sound.  If they are able to have them name something that starts with that letter.  If that is too high have them just say the letter name or sound.  For very young children (like my daughter) you should say the letter name and sound as they pull out each letter. 

  • book
  • bag of mixed beans or other sensory material
  • measuring cups or other random spoons/scoops from around the house
  • foam letters or puzzle pieces or letters written on paper
  • container to hold it all in that doesn't have any holes in it


  • Make a different letter sensory tub/discovery box each day!  This week I'm going to start making a different discovery box each day for my daughter.  We will work our way through the alphabet.  We will start with A.  I will put in a box letter a foam letter A, magnet letter A, puzzle piece letter A, an apple, an airplane, an ape, and any other things I can find around the house that start with the letter A.    Then the next day I will do the same thing but with the letter B and so on.  As she discovers each thing in the box I will tell her what it is and model how to play with it.  I will also focus on the letter sound.  
  • Check out The Activity Mom blog and No Time for Flashcards for whole units on the alphabet.
  • Check out my pinterest board for even more ideas!

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