Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Recap

This week we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  To be honest my daughter wasn't very into the book this week.  Anything with a bit of a story is too much for her attention span these days.  Instead of expecting her to sit and read the book with me I let her get down and play when she was done but I kept reading.  She liked hearing me read and started dancing everytime I read the line, "chicka chicka boom boom will there be enough room."  It was a great adaptation for a one year old.  She was still able to hear the story but didn't have to look at the pages as she heard me read it.  I should have read it as she played with the alphabet sensory table.  Next time :)

Then we followed the lesson plan and did an alphabet sensory table.  We FINALLY had beautiful weather here in Virginia so I decided to take the sensory table outside and make it a water table!  

I started off by letting her explore the water on its own.

Next I added some foam letters that I got from World Market at Christmas time.  I've seen these at Walmart and other stores too.  

As she pulled each letter out I sang the song I mentioned in last week's post. She loved it and danced along to the song.  

Happy and dancing :)

We also had a lot of fun just playing in the water and exploring the water toys (all Dollar Tree finds).

Maybe she will learn her letters by eating them???

She ended the alphabet sensory table by throwing the letters onto the deck.  

We also started focusing on one letter a day (like I mentioned in the lesson plan).  Doing a letter a day is much more appropriate for her than all the letters at once.  I put in a bowl the foam A, an a written on construction paper, an artificial apple, an actual apple, an angel, a photo of her friend Alison, a picture of an ant, and a picture of an apple.  They were all things I had on hand.  As she pulled each thing out I labeled it and focused on the a sound.  My husband was home from work when we did this and we had a ton of fun trying to come up with A words to use in our conversation.  We would describe what she was doing with A words and use them as he and I talked.  Afterwards we called her Aunt Amy because it was A day and Amy starts with A!  We thought it would be a fun addition :)

What type of sensory tub did you do?  Anyone start a letter a day sensory tub?  


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