Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LMNO Peas: Lesson Plan

Theme:  Alphabet

Read:  LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

Activity:  Write a letter of the alphabet on a piece of paper.  How big or small you write it is up to you. Give your child some frozen peas.  Show them how to place the peas on the letter like you are trying to write or recreate the letter with the peas.  For a younger child try writing a word on a piece of paper and encourage them to just put one pea on a letter. As they put the pea on the letter you can say something  like, "Look! You put the pea on the letter C."  Their name would be a great word to do or simple site words like I, me, bye, hi, etc. 

Supply List:  
  • book
  • frozen peas
  • paper
  • marker
  • Here is a link to some Pre-K sight words.  This website has sight words for older grades as well.  Remember when we talked about site words on this post
  • Don't forget to eat some frozen peas!  
  • You could do this activity with lots of different types of food!  Beans, corn, etc. 
  • Plant a pea plant!
  • Paint with frozen peas like they did on this blog.

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