Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shiver Me Letters: Recap

This week we read Shiver Me Letters.  I love a good pirate book.  Maybe it's because I loved Peter Pan when I was growing up.  Maybe it's because it's tons of fun to talk with a good pirate voice.  Hmmmm maybe we will have to do a pirate themed month next year?  Well I tried reading the book with my daughter on Monday and she started screaming and pushed the book away.  Then she went and got a different book and handed it to me to read and signed please.  So smart and so sweet.  Can you believe she already knows what she likes/wants and she is only 12.5 months old!  We tried the book again today and she sat through half the alphabet before wanting to go play.  I say that is a success!  

If you have an older child this book is tons of fun.  The rhyming in the book is entertaining.  There is also a look and find aspect. As you read each line or "clue" have your child find the letters.  That is actually the inspiration for the egg hunt in the lesson plan this week. Your child gets to search for the letters of the alphabet just like the pirates do in the book!  You could even make it more pirate like by hiding the eggs and leaving clues to the next one in each egg.  Or you could make a treasure map that has the eggs on the map and they have to find them!  So many pirate and alphabet ideas! 

After we read the book we played with the eggs.  I dumped the eggs on the floor and said, "Oh No!  Help me get my eggs! Oh no!  Can you put them in?"  Then as she picked up different eggs I said the name of the letter on the egg.  

Here is what the eggs looked like.  I did both lower and uppercase so I could use  the eggs in the future.  You could  also use them to make words like I show above.

Today I took video of the beginning of the lesson so you can see what it looks like for us.  Remember, with kids you just have to go with the flow :)  Luckily you can't see me because I too was still in pjs. 

Here are the pictures from the rest of the lesson.

How did it go for you? What type of hunt did you do? Anyone else love a good pirate voice?  


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