Thursday, May 2, 2013

LMNO Peas: Recap

*****Disclaimer***** We were out of town most of last week so we didn't get to the lesson for LMNO Peas until this week.   

I think this book is so cute!  What a great way to introduce different words that go with letters of the alphabet!  If my daughter was older I would have had her find each letter of her name and illustrate a job that goes with each one.  We could use the jobs in the book or come up with your own.  I would have also cut out some green circles and had her make her own pea characters.  Fun things to look forward to :) 

Here is how the lesson plan went for us.  

First I wrote her name on a piece of paper and put a frozen pea on each letter.  As she ate a pea I said the letter name that she ate.

That went okay but then I had the idea to put dots on one letter and see if she could put the peas on the dots.  She didn't get it but that is okay.  Maybe one of your kids will be able to do it!

I put the peas on the dots here.
She came up with this game--putting peas into a cup.   


I then added letters and more cups.  As she put a pea in a cup I said the letter name.

And then she was ALL DONE!

How did it go for you?  Anyone else think this books is adorable?  Any one else have super smart kids who came up with their own game?  I'm not biased or anything but I think my little one is pretty darn smart :)


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