Why this website?

My name is Megan.  I am a stay at home mom to one amazing daughter and I am a former teacher.  While adjusting to staying at home, I realized that I needed to make it more my own.  Lets be honest.  It can be kinda boring taking care of a baby.  Eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, spit-up, bath, poop, another bath, eat... phew! While cleaning up poopy diapers is tons of fun, I needed more. I was going a bit crazy not feeling  as if I had an outlet.  I also felt trapped by the day.  I was overwhelmed by the lack of structure and found myself being lazy rather than productive and engaged.  I decided that I needed to make a change.  Thus, came little lessons for my little one.  Simple little lessons that I could easily weave into our weekly schedule.  By doing this I would be able to fulfill my need to have an outlet and it would also make me a better mom. I decided to help keep myself accountable and to help out other parents that I would share our little lessons in the form of a blog.

Each month will have a theme.  Each week there will be 1 book that  you read that goes with the theme.  Each week there will be one craft or activity that goes with the theme/book.  I will include supply lists and extension activities too.  The lessons should be able to work with many ages and offer a great starting point to discuss the theme in more depth.  How much or how little you do is up to you and your schedule.  Have fun with it!

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